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DMT and Meditation Guide

dmt and meditation

Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, is a molecule produced in the pineal gland of the human brain. The molecule has been linked to the concept of birth, death, reincarnation, and a variety of other fascinating experiences. In this DMT and meditation guide, you’ll learn how to activate your pineal gland and control the release of DMT to achieve positive mental health and heightened awareness.

DMT produces a pleasant high when smoked, although it can be unpleasant if you don’t listen to music. Using meditation with DMT is beneficial because you can focus on the background sensations, or the “unconscious” parts of your brain. DMT highs last about 15 minutes, and higher doses can induce profound insights. In the meantime, a high dose of DMT is not required for meditation.


The results of DMT and meditation are highly promising. In addition to lowering blood pressure, they also reduce stress and depression. Both techniques help your body and mind achieve deep relaxation, and deep relaxation will facilitate deeper meditation. Deep relaxation will also help you become more creative. If you’re prone to stress, meditation can help you overcome it and make you feel more alive.

DMT and meditation have the potential to induce “selfless” states. This notion is notoriously ambiguous, but it has been used to describe psychedelic drugs and meditation. It is important to remember that self-consciousness is a multidimensional construct with a narrative, somatosensory, and agentive components. During a “selfless” state, a subject may still retain other aspects of self-consciousness, including the somatosensory, agentive, and social components.

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